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Welcome to Malaysia’s leading Korean women's accessories destination! Shopping online at SARRADHYYA (SA0393479-D) Malaysia means the days of trawling through endless malls and stores to find that perfect item are long gone. We offers amazing varieties of online products such as brooch, necklace, rings and many more Korean accessories which you can buy in our physical store using the internet as the platform, whereas giving you the freedom to do your online shopping whenever and wherever you want. However, the one thing that makes SARRADHYYA stand out among all other women accessories boutiques is that we have the best accessories products from Korea in store. That’s why we go above and beyond to make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible - in major cities that’s usually 1- 3 working days. Trust us, your online boutique shopping experience would be exciting and memorable.


With so much to offer it is no doubt that SARRADHYYA truly deserves the title of Malaysia’s biggest accessories boutique in this country especially in Bangi Sentral. For the past few years when the trend of women's accessories boutiques finally first made a debut, everyone was not really sure with what this boutique would benefit us all. However, we managed to grab the attention of all urban customers with our endless services. Moreover with amazing deals and great quality system we offer, we managed to strengthen our position as the best women's accessories boutique in Malaysia.